Voc Black


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The old Amsterdam hub of the “Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie – VOC” today houses the impressive Scheepvaartmuseum. Founded in 1602 the VOC was a publicly traded company. Originally as a chartered company to trade with India and South East Asia. With it’s widely issued bonds and shares of stock the VOC not only was the very first publicly traded shareholder company but also one of the first multinational companies in the world. For more than three centuries the VOC became the symbol of the power of the Dutch Empire. While it brought unfathomable wealth to Europe and the Netherlands, the VOC also had another side. The brutality of invasion and unfair trade, slavery and exploitation on a scale never seen before. “voc black” is the artists attempt to refer to the glorious times as well as to the dark side.

Shipped in a wooden frame with an acrylic glass, ready to hang.



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